Tuesday, August 2, 2011

the pinterest challenge: project reveal!

Today's the day that the ladies over at Bower Power and Young House Love are revealing their projects for their Pinterest Challenge!  Have you checked out their projects?  Pretty fab!

I have been loving all of the pallet art pieces lately and have definitely been craving some pops of color in our house.  Here's a peak at my "Things I love" board on Pinterest...

And here's the project I decided to recreate!

As soon as I saw this, I knew I had to make my very own!

I actually had all of the materials for this in the goldmine of a shed in our backyard!  I used mending plates to attach the boards in the back together and then screwed the boards on top to give it a little more strength.

I painted the phrases on by hand, but I like the stamped look of the original...I might try to find some stamps to use in the future.

I loved the pop of color in the original (with the yellow paint), but this is going to hang in my sewing room/guest room that's painted an apple green.  I was worried about the colors clashing!  I definitely plan to distress the white painted letters a little so they aren't so stark, and add a bunting (like the original), but I'm pretty pleased with my zero dollar Pinterest challenge!

How about you?  Did you recreate something?


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