Saturday, January 14, 2012

ikea steals and deals…

My husband and I, along with a  group of college students, left on New Year’s Day to drive 12 1/2 hours to Atlanta.  It was an awesome week that I’ll definitely share about in the future.  One afternoon Scott and I had a quick little date at Ikea.  Ikea is one of my favorite places to shop for home décor but the closest one is in Dallas. :(  I wanted to grab a few storage containers for the playroom update and ended up grabbing a few extra things, too.

MÅLA Drawing paper roll: $4.99

Almost 100 feet of drawing paper for a little over $5 (with tax).  They also have a nifty table-top paper holder for $6.99 which I wish I would have grabbed!

PRUTA Food saver: $3.99

A set of 17 food storage containers!  These aren’t as “thick” as regular Tupperware containers, but they’re heavier than the Gladware-type containers.  They are great for replenishing the cabinet of mismatched lids and containers.

TROFAST Storage box, white: $4.00

I bought 4 of these storage boxes to add to the soon-to-be built bookshelf in the playroom.  They are a little more translucent than it looks in the picture, but they are SO sturdy!  You can find them in several different sizes and colors.  The boxes do not come with a lid, but a lid can be purchased separately for $1.  They were out of lids at the Atlanta location, so I’m planning to pick some up at the DC IKEA when we visit our families in a few weeks.

This was a super quick trip and I didn’t bring my camera along with me.  I’m planning a longer trip at the DC IKEA and will definitely tote my camera along!

Do you have any favorite IKEA finds or must-have items to pick up when you’re shopping there? 

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