Wednesday, January 23, 2013

DIY silhouette pendant

I know I'm not alone in my love for silhouettes!  In fact, it was on a "silhouette love" blog post that I stumbled upon these fantastic custom-made silhouette necklaces on Etsy.  However, the $90+ price tag was a little much for me...and I kind-of like to do things myself.  I get lots of compliments on my necklace and thought I'd share a quick tutorial so you can DIY your own!

This is a really simple and affordable project. Here are the items you'll need...

Blank pendant/locket - I chose to use a locket for mine so I didn't have to fuss with clear glaze and could change the silhouette out as I pleased.  I found my pendants at Michael's and Hobby Lobby for less than $5 each.  Use your coupons!
*Yes, my daughter's hair sticks up in a mohawk no matter what I do to it!  So sweet! *

A silhouette of your child printed out for the correct size of your pendant - I took pictures on my iPhone, emailed them to myself, and created my own silhouettes in Photoshop.  I then cut them out using my Silhouette Cameo and glued them onto white card stock.  My locket/pendant is double-sided, so I glued a silhouette on each side.

A length of chain - I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby...don't forget to use a coupon!

Simply insert your printed, trimmed silhouette, add the locket(s) to a chain, and add it to your chain!  You'll get lots of compliments...even more so when you say "I did it myself!"  These make great gifts for moms and grandmas, too!

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  1. These are so, so sweet! Just like the old days... thank you for sharing the tute on how to make them. Little Bit from

  2. I absolutely love these! I definitely share your silhouette love


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