Monday, April 8, 2013

white appliances: yay or nay?

When we remodeled our kitchen 2 years ago, we decided on a black stove to match the black refrigerator (that we already had) and the black dishwasher that was already in the kitchen.  You can see a tiny bit of the dishwasher on the right side of the sink in this photo.

That dishwasher has become my nemesis over the last two years.  I never really felt like the dishes were clean when they came out of the dishwasher.  Scott and I talked about getting a new dishwasher for months, but had a million other things going on (like having a new baby) and kept putting it off.  The whole time I was dreaming of a new dishwasher and started to see white dishwashers in white kitchens popping up on Pinterest.

Source: via Mary Jo on Pinterest

Source: via Mary Jo on Pinterest

Even Miss Mustard Seed has a white dishwasher in her FABULOUS kitchen!

I love how the white dishwashers seem to blend in with the cabinets instead of breaking up the line of white with a black or stainless appliance.

Well, my nemesis finally bit the dust last week!  I was so excited to go appliance shopping.

A little side note, if buying a new dishwasher is the highlight of your work, you might be getting old. ;)

A local appliance store was having a fantastic sale and we walked out with a dishwasher in less than 30 minutes.  If you follow me on Instagram, you saw this peek of our new dishwasher.

I'm working on another post with an updated picture of our kitchen.  Until then, I'll be enjoying the QUIET dishwasher and SUPER CLEAN dishes.

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  1. We have white appliances instead of stainless, tehy just go better with our kitchen. Even though I think we have used our dishwasher 4 times in 4 years (I'm a handwasher) I want a new one like yours. They look so much better and I would feel like my dishes were clean.


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