Monday, February 21, 2011

"Tent" for Grayson's Playroom

I haven't posted in a while (other than the mom2mom {linky party}) because I really haven't been doing much sewing!  A pipe froze, and subsequently burst (about 48 hours later) in our attic, resulting in a LOT of construction to my beautiful, very new kitchen.  We were out of the house for about 4 weeks while it was under construction.  We're very glad to be home, but very thankful for good friends who let us "move back in" for a while! :)

Just before Christmas, I came across a tutorial for the perfect Christmas present for Grayson.  He loves to make forts to read in, so I thought this Hanging Tent Tutorial from kojo designs would be perfect!

I finished this on Christmas Eve, but just got around to taking pictures!  Here's how Grayson's looks hanging in his playroom today:

The tutorial is VERY easy to follow, with awesome instructions and pictures.  Anyone with a basic knowledge of sewing would be able to make one pretty quickly!

I did a few things differently:

  • Using ribbon ties in all four corners, plus one in the middle of each "side" of the tent.
  • I left off the retractable awning, instead I overlapped the fabric at the entrance to make it fully enclosable.
I love sewing for my little boy - especially something that encourages his love of reading!

**Don't worry - the playroom isn't as spotless as it appears!  It just happens that the corner the tent in was clean! :)


  1. I love it! This would be perfect for my little one. He loves to make forts too!

    Would you be interested in donating a product for the Brady giveaway?

  2. Hi there. Super cute tent. I don't see a link to the tutorial...


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