Saturday, April 16, 2011

Silhouette love...

We all love a good silhouette!  They seem to be all the rage in decorating (I even have a few framed in our home), popping up on lots of blogs and in our favorite decorating catalogs.  Here is a little inspiration:

I saw a dog silhouette pillow in a catalog recently and fell. in. love.  With the pillow...not the price tag!  They were charging $88 for the pillow.  It was beautiful, but I knew I could make it myself!

I have been slowly decorating our playroom and thought that was the perfect place for my silhouette pillow.  I simply made a cover to go over the existing throw pillow on our couch.

I took a picture of our dog, Raleigh:

And turned it into a silhouette using Photoshop:

From there, I printed the silhouette out so it was large enough to use as a template for my pillow.  I found some leftover fabric that matched Grayson's playroom in my stash - it's one of the fabrics that I used on his tent - and made this adorable pillow!


One of my favorite parts of the pillow is the contrasting blue thread that I used to applique the silhouette.  I love how it "pops"!

The designer dog silhouette pillow = $88

My custom "Raleigh" silhouette pillow cover = FREE....I already had the materials!

Next up...a silhouette pillow of Grayson!

I've linked this project up at Show and Tell Saturday!


  1. love it. now i need to find a way to get my weenie dog to pose long ways for me to make of him. good idea. thans for tge inspiration!!!

  2. Love this! The red dotted fabric really makes it cool.

  3. where did you find the polka dot fabric ?

    1. I found it at Joann Fabrics...I am pretty sure they still carry it, too. :)


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