Saturday, May 28, 2011

link love: 05.28.2011

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Today's link love is totally different than the others that I've posted.  I'm going to share links for ways that you can help our community. 

Friends and family who live out of town have asked, "Is it as bad as it looks?"  Unfortunately, it's much, much worse.  The videos and pictures on TV just don't capture the utter devastation that our community is experiencing right now.  I saw the main part of the devastation with my own eyes a few days ago and there are no words.

If you'd like to help Joplin, whether you're local or out of town,here are some links:

Samarian's Purse has been in Joplin since Sunday night.  They have been helping families salvage belongings, repair damage to homes, and removing trees and debris.  My husband, Scott, had a chance to work with them yesterday.

Several moms in my MOPS group have lost homes and many belongings.  An Amazon wishlist has been set up and items can be purchased to help these moms!
Big Fish Tees has designed a Hope for Joplin t-shirt.  100% of the proceeds is going to be donated to Convoy of Hope. 

Convoy of Hope has a large presence in Joplin right now.  It's a faith-based organization who is help out tremendously.

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