Wednesday, August 10, 2011

before and {happily ever} after...master bathroom

I showed you the before and {happily ever} after of our master bedroom a few weeks ago, so I thought I should show you the after of our attached master bath!

It's not a very big bathroom - compared to the huge master bath we had in our last house, complete with a shower and garden tub - but it's a great size for us.  In my book, smaller also equates to less for me to clean!

When we first saw the bathroom it looked like this:

It was decked out in a floral wallpaper that coordinated with the bedroom, lots of oak trim and cabinets, linoleum flooring, popcorn on the ceiling, a shower complete with a handle and a hard-to-clean glass door,  and 2 odd "headers" - one above the shower and one above the vanity that had florescent lights inside.

Here is the {happily ever} after...

We did a lot of work in this small bathroom. We:
  • removed all of the wallpaper
  • had the walls re-textured
  • painted the walls the same blue as the master bedroom
  • installed new tile floors (that I grouted myself. Yay!)
  • removed the "light box header" and header over the shower
  • had a new shower installed
  • had the cabinets and trim painted (including the trim on the mirror)
  • scraped the popcorn ceiling and had new texture sprayed
  • replaced the faucet - we kept the same vanity and counter top with the intention of replacing the top at some point in the (distant) future
  • had a new light installed over the sink
There are still a lot of things that I'd like to do in this bathroom, including adding a few decorations and sewing some kind of window treatment, but I love the "after"!

One of my favorite projects in the bathroom involved customizing a regular shower curtain into a darling ruffled one that is the perfect size for our "stall-sized" shower.  I'll have to share that project soon!

What about you have a huge master bathroom, a perfectly-sized room for you, or just wish you had bathroom that your kids didn't follow you into?  Haha!


  1. Great job! We have been restoring my husband's farm house that was passed down to us from his late grandfather and I know how much handwork it takes to remodeling. At least, there is always a rainbow in the end. It always makes me happier walking into an updated space that I accomplished. It looks great!

  2. Another pretty bathroom! I love the shower curtain! The light in the header is cracking me up.

  3. Beautiful bathroom. I love it. Great great job. Thanks for sharing.


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