Monday, September 19, 2011

a little fall secret...

I'm going to let you all in on a little secret...if you want to buy one of the best (and cheapest) fall candles, run out to Wal-mart and buy this Mulled Cider candle!  This size has 3 wicks and will set you back a whopping $3.25, but will make your entire house smell like fall.  I know that "cheap" candles usually don't put out enough scent but this one smells delicious. 

And no, Mr. Walton is not paying me to suggest this...but if Wal-mart wants to pay me, pay me in Mulled Cider candles!   These sell out fast and if they don't sell out, they often pull them in the next few weeks to put out their Christmas scents, so you'll want to buy some today.  I burned the Mulled Cider candle from September through February last year and loved every minute of it.

What is your favorite fall-scented candle? 


  1. Oooh thanks for the tip! I LOVE the smell of fall :)

  2. Funny, I was just thinking last week, I wish I had a new fall candle! Sounds wonderful (and priced just right!)

  3. Oooooh nice! Fall candles are my favorite! I was there last week and almost bought a candle, but I had visions of my 2yo burning herself somehow! No amount of height is enough to keep her away from something she wants!

  4. Slatkin and Co. Leaves can be found at Bath and Body works. The title sounds gross but the scent is amazing!


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