Monday, October 10, 2011

31 days of warming up to the holidays: {day 10} footprint ornament

Almost 4 years ago our Christmas present came a little early…in the form of this precious baby boy.  Truly a miracle boy.  Shortly after a very routine delivery, both of Grayson’s little lungs collapsed.  I’ll save the rest of the story to post on his birthday, but it’s a great story.                           


This was the Christmas card we sent out in 2007 – with all of Grayson’s announcement information on the back.  I can hardly believe the wild, crazy, fun-loving almost 4-year old boy was once that tiny.  Oh my heart, I love that boy. 

I like to make an ornament for our family every year and made this one with Grayson’s tiny little footprint:


I must love crafting, huh?  I was crazy enough to make these with a newborn who was fresh out of the NICU…but I’m so glad I did! It was such a simple project but such a sweet memory and great keepsake.  I simply took a 3 1/2 inch brown paper/cardboard ornament from Hobby Lobby (these are very inexpensive, but are often on sale for 50% off!) and painted it green.  I then painted the bottom of Grayson’s tiny little foot and “printed” it on the ornament.  After it was dry I added the “g” using a paint pen and hot glued a ribbon to the top.  The back is labeled with “Grayson’s First Christmas” and the year.

These would be great ornaments to make with your kiddos!  If there feet (or hands) aren’t tiny enough to fit on an ornament, how about having them paint the ornaments?  Pick out a color scheme that you like and let them have at it!

This is my favorite ornament to hang on the tree….what’s yours?


  1. Precious!

    We have way too many ornaments, but I love the process of getting them out and talking about each one with my son as we put them on the tree.

    I thought about the tags you posted a few days ago - that would make a great ornament as well.

  2. What a great idea!! Two years old isn't too old to start, right?! Loving your 31 days series!!


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