Tuesday, October 25, 2011

31 days of warming up to the holidays: {day 25} a menu planner and a recipe

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Today’s post has been brought to you by Tervis and is about lifestyle tips.  My biggest lifestyle tip for you when it comes to planning for the holidays is to actually PLAN!  If your calendar is anything like mine, every weekend in late November and all of December is already filled to the brim.  It’s such a fun time of year but it’s often the most busy time of year.

I’ve designed a free menu planner printable to help you plan for those holiday parties that you’ll be hosting.  Whether it’s a pot luck or a Christmas feast for 50, it’ll go much smoother if you start your planning early.  Figure out your menu – what you’ll be serving or what other’s will be bringing – and post it somewhere in your kitchen.  You can then use that menu plan to make out your shopping list to avoid those last-minute runs to the grocery store for cranberry sauce, only to find out that they’re sold out!

This menu plan will also help on the day of your event – or the days before.  Follow your plan to see what you can fix ahead.  Many dishes can be made several days ahead and put in the freezer…what a great way to save time on the day of the event!

To print your own menu planner, right-click on the photo and save it to your computer.  You can then print as many as you want from your own printer!

To help you fill in that menu planner, I’m going to leave you with one of my favorite salad recipes.  It tastes and looks like a gourmet salad, but it’s really easy to put together!

Pear Pecan Salad
Ingredients for the salad:
     1 bag of lettuce (any that you prefer)
     1 bag of fresh spinach
     2 pears, sliced
     1/2 cup of pecans, chopped
     2 tablespoons of sugar (to coat the pecans in before you toast them)
     1 cup feta cheese

Ingredients for the dressing:

     1 cup oil
     1/2 cup white vinegar
     1/2 cup sugar
     1 tablespoon salt
     1 tablespoon dry mustard
     1 teaspoon paprika
     A handful of chopped green onion
     1 teaspoon celery seed

Toast pecans that have been coated in sugar. Mix ingredients for salad and top with feta cheese.

Blend the ingredients for the dressing together in a blender or food processor.  Chill.

Pour well-chilled dressing over mixed salad just before serving.

Instead of toasting my own pecans, I use these salad toppers that I found in our local grocery store:

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  1. That planning step sure is important! Maybe this year I'll actually do that part of the process instead of running around at the last minute and sending my husband out to the store! Thanks for another great printable!


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