Wednesday, December 7, 2011

cookie exchange wrapping & recipe…

We had our annual cookie exchange at my MOPS group this morning and I knew just what cookie I was going to bake…my double chocolate peanut butter cookies!

I whipped up a batch last night but realized that I didn’t have any paper plates (or disposable trays) to wrap my cookies up.  I racked my brain and remembered a “good thing” from Martha Stewart Living years ago…wrap the cookies in a wax paper tube and tie some ribbon (or tulle) on the ends!


We were also encouraged to bring the recipe along, so I designed a cute “Christmassy” recipe card in Photoshop, typed out my recipe, printed it on cardstock, and attached it to the tulle.


Need a good cookie exchange recipe?  Here’s a copy of my recipe card.  Just save it on your computer and print it out!

double chocolate peanut butter

Want to make your own recipe card for a cookie exchange?  Here’s a blank one you can print out and write your recipe on!  These would also make cute note cards to use during the Christmas season.


Do you have a favorite “go to” cookie recipe?  Or are you more of a “slice and baker”?

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  1. Seriously, I love your printables! I need a major lesson! I will have to give those cookies a try very soon!


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