Thursday, January 26, 2012

sensory bins, beans, and a number game…

Another one of Grayson’s favorite things to do at his art center is to make a quick sensory bin.  He picks a tub (this one happened to be one that I recently bought at IKEA) or bin, I dump dried pinto beans in, and he grabs his basket of tractors and trucks to “drive” in the bins. 

sensory_ bin_of_beans

We will also use different measuring cups, spoons, and containers to scoop, pour, and transfer the beans.  It’s a great “inside alternative” to a sand box. Grayson will sit and drive, pour, and scoop for at least 30 minutes!  This is a great activity for the 4-5 o’clock hour when you’re trying to get dinner ready and your kiddos have already played with every.single.toy they own. 


Another activity you can do while you have the beans out is to make a quick “number game”.  I divided a large piece of paper into 10 sections and wrote numbers 1-10 in the squares.  Grayson then counted out the appropriate number of beans for each square.  Such a quick and easy “game”, but it’s a great way to reinforce counting and number recognition.  We’re going to try this with the alphabet, too.


Do you have any “go to”activities when your kids are bored with all of their toys or when they’re stuck inside?  

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  1. This is a great idea. Love the "counting" as it could keep kids occupied for a good while ;-)


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