Monday, February 20, 2012

i love stripes…

In order to add a little interest to our entry way, I am thinking of painting stripes on one wall.  The current paint color is Monroe Bisque by Benjamin Moore and I’d like to paint wide stripes in a color about 2 shades lighter than that.  Here is some inspiration from around the blogs.

The beautiful striped Reading Room at The Lettered Cottage

The look I'm going for, although a little more “tone on tone” stripes instead of the more bold ones above…

Great gallery wall on a striped wall…

Tips on painting crisp stripes, which I’m hoping will work on our textured walls.  It looks like her walls are textured, too, so I’m hopeful!
What are your thoughts on stripes?  Love ‘em or hate ‘em?


  1. we just painted stripes in the baby's room- just planned on one wall, but loved them so much I did 2 more! :)

  2. We did a stripe in my daughter's room. There is a special kind of blue painters tape that is good for stripes. Check with the paint counter. It's not labeled as "good for stripes" so I wouldn't have known if the Home Depot folks hadn't told me. Good luck!


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