Wednesday, June 13, 2012

thrifty treasures…


I went to an estate with a friend a few weekends ago and found my share of awesome treasures!  The fun part about the company that hosts these estate sales is that you can go in and shop in the morning, but in the afternoon, everything is 40% off of the marked price! Woohoo!  We went in the afternoon, so I scored some pretty great deals…


These 2 shallow baking dishes were marked at $3 and $4…they are great for dips and are oven safe!


A stack of 5 (2 were in the sink!) mini Pyrex bowls that were marked at $2.25.


This pretty, vintage pie plate…it will look great on the “plate shelf” along my kitchen cabinets…marked at $3.50.


I loved these hob-nail looking vases (or flower pots).  They were marked at $4.50 each for the larger ones and $4 for the smaller ones.  The larger ones are about 6 or 7 inches tall!


My favorite “steal” for the day was this vintage paint-by-number winter scene with a little church.  I thought it would be perfect on the mantel in the winter!  This was marked at $.50!

The grand total for all of my “treasures” ending up being $26.25 before the markdown, so $15.75 when all was said and done!

Are you into hitting garage sales and estate sales on the weekends?  Or more content to sleep in and find your treasures at Target?


  1. Awesome MJ great deals! Come link up at my thrifty love party. :)

  2. wow, those are some great finds! love the church picture too, what a steal!!

  3. Love yardsale finds! The picture of the church reminds me of jbc. What a great deal.


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