Tuesday, September 11, 2012

thrifting lately…

I have been on the hunt for vintage sheets and pillow cases to use in our sweet girl’s nursery and hit the JACKPOT the other day at a local thrift store!


Some sweet floral sheets…


I loved the color of the pink sheet (second from the top)…it feels as though it’s been washed a million times.  Love it!


The pillow cases were all marked $0.99 and then the sweet lady at the register gave me a discount! Some of these pillow cases will be cut up to use for a quilt, but several are going to be turned into pillow case dresses…


Especially this one!  I can’t stand how cute the floral pattern is combined with the pink piping and ruffled edge.  Adorable!


I also found this queen-sized lace bed skirt (for $2.99, then discounted!) that I originally just bought for the lace…but now I’m thinking it might be a sweet crib skirt for the Jenny Lind crib I’m painting.

All of those fabulous treasures were mine for less than $18!  Gotta love thrifting! Have you found any sweet deals while thrifting lately?

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