Wednesday, October 3, 2012

beautiful babies...I need YOU!

Another blogger that I LOVE, Natalie from Johnny in a Dress, had a precious little girl in August and dedicated an entire month to All Things Baby on her blog.  I loved the idea so much!  I found a ton of great tutorials and adorable products throughout that month.  Since our sweet baby girl, Mollie Kate, is scheduled to make her appearance in late November I'd love to play off of Natalie and dedicate a month to beautiful babies..tutorial, giveaways, guest posts, etc.  This will allow me to feature my awesome readers and their projects or products, while giving us some time to soak up time with Mollie Kate.

Do you have a project, tutorial, or guest post that you'd like to submit to have featured during the month of November?

I am also on the look out for handmade shops who create items for babies, mommas, kiddos, etc.
If you own a shop and would like to provide an item for me (or Mollie Kate) to review and one to giveaway to my readers, fill out the form below to let me know!  These reviews and giveaways will probably run more into December since our due date is at the end of November.  But, if Miss MK makes her entrance early, we'll start earlier!

I can't wait to spend a month celebrating Beautiful Babies (including ours!) with you!

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