Tuesday, December 18, 2012

a few new additions...

We have had a few new additions to our home lately...no, not this addition:

I had to include a picture of our sweet Mollie Kate! Can you believe the eyelashes on her?!

We have this gorgeous chair with caning on the sides that I found on Craig's List in DC.  My in-laws picked it up for me and brought it out during their last visit.  The instagram filter I used makes the fabric color look off...it's actually a beautiful dusty blue fabric that's in great condition.  I might paint it and recover it someday, but I'm liking the colors for now!

This ottoman needs a little work but it was a steal at $10!  I wish the fabric was in better condition (there are some worn spots and rips) because it's actually a cute print with Singer sewing machine logos and pictures.  But, it'll get recovered in some sort of fabric soon.  Any suggestions?  It is paired with the new chair, so maybe something in a dusty blue colorway?

These lamps were $12 for a pair at a thrift store during their Black Friday sale!  I love the color but it doesn't look great with our Monroe Bisque-colored walls.  Maybe green?  Blue?  White?  I am on the hunt for a couple of drum shades that fit, too.

Lastly, we were gifted a new TV and I found this great dresser for it to sit on for $100 at the same thrift store I found the lamps at.  The drawers are great storage for all of our DVDs and the middle door opens up to reveal a shelf.  I might store our wireless printer in the middle section!  This dresser may or may not have a date with spray paint once spring hits, but we're living with it "as is" for now!

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