Wednesday, June 29, 2011

summer in snapshots {week 2}

It's Wednesday, so it's time to share this week's summer snapshots!

6.22   a day spent out on the water jet skiing

6.23  my dad's birthday - had a birthday dinner with him!

6.24  scott's last night in DC so we had dinner in georgetown - pizzeria paridiso and georgetown cupcakes. 
         so delicious.  the only pics i have are on my iphone..maybe i'll post one!

6.25  my mom's 50th birthday party.  we spent the afternoon celebrating her, grayson getting kisses from my  
         aunt cathy, and swimming with cousins.

6.26  a day spent at church and relaxing in the pool.

6.27   grayson mowed the grass and drove the tractor on our last day in VA.

6.28   grayson and i woke up EARLY (4:20am) in order to be at the airport at 5:10am.  we arrived back in
          missouri safely and are glad to be home!

I'm linking up to Summer in Snapshots over at The Starfish Blog!  Won't you join me?


  1. So fun!! It looks like you guys are having a great time!! Love that little lawn mower! How cute is that?! Thanks so much for linking up!! xoxo Amber

  2. Happy Birthday to both mom & dad looks like summer is in full swing around here... fun, fun, fun. hugs from Savannah, Cherry


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