Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Anthropologie Knock Off: Cummerbund Pillow

Can we just talk a minute about my love for Anthropologie? They have amazing clothes, fabulous shoes, and awe-inspiring home decor items.  Their prices?  Not so fabulous...unless you have a money tree growing in your backyard.  Which, if you do, could you send me your address? :)

When we lived in Austin, there was an Anthropologie in the area, and I loved to walk through the store and browse.  Now that we live in small-town Missouri, there isn't a store within 100 miles.  So I tend to browse their website and dream of walking through that amazing-smelling store!

While browsing the site recently, I cam across this Cummerbund Pillow.

                                                                               Source: anthropologie.com via Mary Jo on Pinterest

Love.it.  The $128 price tag? Not so much.  It is a silk pillow with a down insert, and hand-made in Ethiopia, but still!  I thought I'd try to recreate it out of the fabrics in my stash, so this project was FREE!

Here's my knock off:

This was my first time sewing a pin-tuck and it is a little tedious.  But, I'd say the whole pillow cover project took me a little over an hour.  Luckily the pin-tucks on the Anthro pillow are a little "wonky" so it made the ironing and sewing that much easier.

**I'm working on a tutorial for this pillow.  It will be posted as soon as these thunderstorms clear up and I can take pictures! :) **

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  1. That turned out wonderful. It looks so sophisticated but not overly so that it looks like it can't be touched. Nice work!

  2. o this turned o great!! i love it:)) you did an awesome job

  3. Great job on your pillow! It's every bit as gorgeous as the Anthro one.
    I love the look of pin-tucks
    Stopping by from The Shabby Nest

  4. Visiting from Creation Corner:) I think you did a fantastic job!!! And you pillow turned out so wonderful!!! I'm following now:) I so want to read more of your inspired ideas:)
    It would be great if you had the time to come over to my blog @ sewhappiness.blogspot.com, you might find something inspiring to read/make:)

    Have a great weekend!!


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