Friday, August 5, 2011

before and {happily ever} after...closet turned mudroom and laundry room

As soon as we moved from Texas to Missouri, I started a collection of ideas for our "new" home...the home I didn't know anything about and one that would take a year of waiting and 6 weeks of renovation...but our home, no less.   I printed out photos that I had in my "Inspiration" folder (from my pre-Pinterest days), collected paint chips and flooring samples.

One of those ideas was the closet turned mudroom that Wendy over at the Shabby Nest created in 2008.  I loved that idea and filed it away for "someday".  Well, that idea ended up being PERFECT for our home!

When we first walked through this house and walked through to the laundry room, I saw this closet...actually, I saw two closets.  The door to the garage is the door on the left, there is the closet in the photo, a space for the washer and dryer, and another closet by the back door.  Who needs two closets in a laundry room that's full of huge cabinets?

 **I'm sorry about the terrible before pictures!  I think I was too excited about the house to take semi-decent pictures. Ha!**

We lined the interior of the closet with beadboard, added a few hooks and a "bench" and now we have a mudroom!  It's the perfect place to stash everything as we come in the door from the garage.

I'm still looking for a cute basket to put under the "bench", but for now a laundry basket is the perfect place to put our shoes when we come in from the garage.  I'd also like to make a cushion for the bench to build up the height a little...that'll be a project for the winter!

Here's the after photo of the rest of the laundry room... 

We removed the linoleum flooring and added laminate with a "hand scraped" look, painted the cabinets and trim a crisp white, scraped the popcorn ceiling and had it re-textured, and painted the walls green, Grasscloth by Behr.

This room needs is looking a little plain, though...any suggestions for decor for this wall?  I'm also thinking of adding a curtain and maybe a carpet runner?

**Edited to add**
I have had a few people ask me about our floors...I love them!  The brand is Cottage Collection and the color is Rustic Teak.   We purchased ours at Derailed Commodity, but I did a quick Google search and found them at several other places (including online).

I love the hand-scraped look and the wider planks.  We have a big dog and a little boy running around on them constantly and they have yet to show any wear or tear.  They do tend to show more dust (and dog hair!) because they're dark, but it was the look I was going for so I don't mind vacuuming every few days. 

I hope that helps!  Please ask away if you have any other questions!


  1. I love the floor! Can you share the brand and where you got it?

  2. Such a nice space, you must loving being in that room now

  3. CUTE!! what a great use of space!

    I blog over at:

  4. Awesome! Looks great, was happy to visit :o)

  5. This is an awesome idea! I would love to have a space so that I could steal it, filing it away for the future!

  6. Love this idea! Great job. It makes me want to convert my hallway closet to a mudroom.

  7. Suggestions for wall: mirror(s), changing gallery of art created by your son, some kind of folding drying rack, chair rail with blackboard paint underneath for your son to doodle while you're doing laundry......


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