Thursday, September 29, 2011

DIY ragamuffin garland

Are you one of those people that puts all of your decorations out at the beginning of the season and leaves them out until it’s time for the next season?  Or do you constantly rearrange and add to your décor?  Or do you still have your 4th of July wreath on the front door and leave it up until Christmas?

I definitely am part of the group who adds and rearranges décor until the next season rolls around…and usually starts decorating before the “season” actually starts.  Every year I add something different to my seasonal décor.  This season’s “new thing” was totally copied from Cassity’s (from Remodelaholic fame) awesome lighted ragamuffin garland.  I pinned it a while ago and came across it again this morning…so I made my own using what I had on hand.


Cassity has a great tutorial on her blog, so make sure to check it out if you want to make your own!  I ended up using a large piece of fabric to make my “roll” (Cassity used towels) because I had been gifted with a bag of fabric from a friend.  One piece was several yards long and ended up being great for this project.  I just cut it to the length I wanted to use, rolled it up, and taped it up like Cassity shows.

Here are a few more “close ups”…


Wouldn’t it be cute using red and green fabric for Christmas?  I could see this in a kiddos room as seasonal décor that also functioned as a night light.  I know my little guy would love it!

Are you finished with all of your fall decorating?  Haven’t started yet because you’re still sweltering in 100 degree heat?  Or just waiting until you can decorate for Christmas?

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  1. It is way cute! I need to make a new one (a little shorter!) for my mantel! That is a great idea!


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