Wednesday, September 28, 2011

updates to the shop…

Thanks to my wonderful husband and his amazing “daddy skills”, I spent a few hours sewing this weekend! There are some new products in the shop to show for all of that sewing!

The first product, a Hair Straightener Cover.



We recently had a friend travel and her luggage got caught in a conveyor belt or two, crushing her Chi flat iron!  After hearing that story, I made myself a padded flat iron cover before we travel in a few months…and thought I’d add them to the shop in case any of you want to protect your straighteners while you travel. 

The cover is made with 100% cotton fabric and padded with Insul-bright to protect the fabric from a warm flat iron. The cover closes with a hook and loop closure.

Travel must be on my mind right now because the second product I added were these cute Design Your Own Fabric Bag Tags!

luggage tags1ed

These bag tags are great for helping you spot your luggage in the sea of black suitcases.  They are also perfect for diaper bags, back packs, and computer bags!  I have one on my camera bag and sewed a baseball one for the backpack that Grayson takes to preschool.

Check out the shop for these new additions!


  1. Great stuff! especially the hair straightener case. I am in need of one :)

  2. Love these! I think it's only fitting that there is an ad for a straightened in your sidebar! ;)


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