Tuesday, May 22, 2012

luckett’s and miss mustard seed…


While on our vacation in Virginia, my mom and I carved out some time to visit one of my favorite stores…Luckett’s!  The weather was beautiful and the rooms were loaded with great treasures. 

chippy mantle

We stumbled upon a stack of mantels leaning against a tree…


chippy painted doors

Chippy, painted doors everywhere…

lucketts vintage couch

I loved this “vintage” couch sitting out under a beautiful tree…

lucketts birdslucketts design house

The Design House was decorated in beautiful shades of cream and white, with ruffles abounding…

lucketts store

And this was all before we went into the actual “store”…

card catalog

I loved this giant metal file cabinet/library card catalog…but the thing that I was most looking forward to seeing was the booth of the fabulous Miss Mustard Seed herself!

miss mustard seed star fish

Check out the beautiful distressed blue paint on this piece of furniture…I wish I had gotten a picture of the whole piece!

miss mustard seed dresser

miss mustard seed green cabinet

If I could have finagled that amazing green cabinet as a carry-on back to Missouri, I would have bought it on the spot.  I LOVED it!

miss mustard seed glitter letters


Miss Mustard Seed’s German glass glitter letters are beautiful, and a great deal at only $2 a letter!

miss mustard seed silver bowl

There’s that distressed blue paint again…love! 

If you’re ever in the Northern Virginia area and want to take a peek at some of the goodness that is Luckett’s, be sure to take a few hours to browse around!

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  1. Hi Mary Jo, Since Virginia is such a long way from Calif, I am living vicariously through your photos! Thank you for sharing, it would be a real treat to visit Lucketts.


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