Wednesday, February 29, 2012

decisions, decisions…

This morning has been devoted to paint swatches for my little bathroom redo and the stripes in our entryway.  Who knew it was so hard to find the perfect light blue color?  Here are the swatches I have taped on the bathroom wall right now…

 bathroom paint colors

And who knew how hard it was to take a picture in a smallish bathroom with no natural light?!  I’m leaning towards Benjamin Moore’s Bird Egg or Sherwin Wiliam’s Upward.  They both definitely look muted in this photo, so here are the swatches from the websites.

paint colors

As for the stripes in the entry, the walls are currently Monroe Bisque – which I love – so I’m going to paint (3 or 5) stripes that are a few shades lighter than that. The only problem is the Benjamin Moore doesn’t put “shades” on their paint cards, only complementary colors.  But, I think I’m liking the Monterey White that’s on the card with it. 

stripe paint colors

Let’s take a vote…Bird’s Egg or Upward?  Leave me a comment with your vote!


  1. I say Robin's Egg. I don't have that color in my BM deck but I do have the SW color and it looks a little cold to me.

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