Friday, August 19, 2011

new {to me} chairs and bench

Remember when I posted about these chairs? I have LOVED the chairs since I first saw them in the PB catalog. They are beautiful, but definitely not in my price range...

Walmart makes a similar chair for much less, but they have a wood seat instead of the rush seat.

I have been keeping an eye out for something similar, as the chairs we used at our dining room table weren't working out very well for us right now. They are beautiful, with a green chippy painted finish, and belonged to my husband's grandmother, but they were so top-heavy that Grayson would turn them over a few times a week.

Last Friday I was walking through a local "antique" mall and came across these beauties for $9.95 each! It was love at first sight...until I counted them and found that there were only 3 for sale in the booth. We need 4 for our table. I almost cried right there but decided it wasn't my day to have these chairs.

**Please ignore the dirty garage floor in the background!**

The next day we were were over at a friend's house looking through books and other treasures that she was giving away. The couple is downsizing and had cleaned out their attic and pared down a lot of their furniture. Bill, the husband, asked me if I could use a bench. It was beautiful with wooden legs and a leather upholstered top with nail head trim. I am pretty sure birds started singing because I realized that I could use the bench at our table along with the 3 chairs that I found at the antique store! We threw it in the car and ran thanked them profusely and brought it right home.

I dropped the bench off, got right back in the car, and went to the "antique" mall, hoping that MY chairs were still there. They were and they were on sale for 15% off!

After spending a few naptimes spray painting the chairs black and one naptime making a slipcover for the bench, I have a totally new {to me} dining area!

We also hung wide plantation blinds in the windows today and I'm planning on making some curtains in the next few months. But, for now, I'm loving the new look of our dining area.

What do you think of those beautiful sunflowers on my table? I bought the whole bunch for $4.88 at Sam's today! Who says a girl can't buy herself flowers? I guess my husband technically bought them as I'm a stay-at-home mom and he's the one who brings home the cashmoney bacon.

Do you have any updates in mind for a room in your home? Is your style ever-evolving or do you make a choice and stick with it?

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  1. LOVE the bench!!! I've been wanting to do something similar in our kitchen!

  2. I love that bench! And your chairs look gorgeous! Good for you waiting until you found just the right thing :)

  3. Stumbled in from a linky party- and mouth dropped open-- you have a great "eye" to find those at the anitque shoppe and a smart-heart to pair it with the bench when you didn't have 4 matching like you wanted. I wanna bet that if kids are in your home/life, that they'll all be calling out "I getta sit on the bench!!!!"

    Smiles from NW Illinois,


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